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About Us is a leading online bingo portal in the UK. The site features impartial and honest bingo site reviews, bonuses and special offers from the best brands in bingo. We are dedicated to providing you the best bingo offers and helping you get the most bang for your bingo buck. was founded in April 2011 and has seen month on month steady increases in visitors. Our goal is to become the biggest online bingo portal in the country and provide bingo consumers with best possible information so that they can make their bingo decisions wisely.

Earnings Disclaimer earns money by providing recommendations to various bingo sites. That being said we have made a vow of quality and stand by our reviews. We get paid no matter where you sign up to play bingo and get paid based on the amount you play. For that reason it is in our best interest to provide you with honest reviews, links to the best bingo sites and links to the most rewarding deals.

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